Negan upcoming escapes since the Aaron are suddenly attacked by the walkers

Negan upcoming escapes since the Aaron are suddenly attacked by the walkers

To the a cabin, Negan patiently covers and you can waits once the a great blind Aaron seeks safety in to the shopping for your. Whenever Aaron grounds audio, walkers storm from inside the. Negan immediately saves Aaron to the crowbar and you may says to your the brand new plant life increasing from the walkers are called hogweed and can result in loss of sight. He hand your liquid and you can says to him they’ll hop out from the day. At the dawn, Negan enjoys view because of the a window whenever Aaron says to him he can finally pick. They then return to help you Alexandria.

“Quiet the brand new Whisperers”

Negan is doing tasks around the area when Lydia check outs your to tell him their guidance to ignore her bullies actually functioning and additionally they remain harassing the woman. Prior to they may be able keep talking, Daryl happens and you may purchases the girl to go away. “She is merely trying to fit in,” Negan claims. Daryl says to your that will not takes place which have him are to her and you can simply leaves.

Later on you to night, Negan hears just like the Lydia has been assaulted from the Gage, Margo and you will Alfred and concerns their help save. He puts Margo to the a wall surface, and you can protects Lydia. Terrified, Gage claims they were just seeking scare the lady. Brandon will come and so they understand that Margo is actually deceased. Negan will be kept alarmed more it. When the most other people arrived at the view, Daryl commands Negan to be put back into their telephone immediately.

Afterwards, Negan try went along to within his cell of the Daryl. He informs Negan people want your dry, however, Negan states it actually was an accident and you can Margo is actually an enthusiastic arse anyway having beating towards a kid. Daryl asks as to the reasons the guy helped Lydia and you may Negan states he believes in their life style. Daryl promises he’s going to score a chance to give his front and will leave. Although not, Negan are somehow create out of their cellphone of the anyone throughout the middle of the nights and you can escapes town taking on the new woods.

“Exactly what it Constantly Are”

Negan rinses his face inside the a lake whenever Brandon comes and pretends to hold a knife so you can your. He suggests he is kidding and you will tosses him a good canteen. Negan beverages of it immediately after which flashes a grin. After you to definitely time, Negan is and make a beneficial spear and will get crazy during the Brandon whenever he tries to copy the newest Saviors’ whistling. Because they circumambulate the brand new woods, Brandon initiate dreaming regarding the Haven and reveals he is enraged one Rick Grimes killed their parents. Then states he heard one to Negan take to Carl. Negan will get annoyed and you may corrects him, appearing admiration in order to Carl, and you may claiming he would never ever destroy mongolian chat room without registration children. “Our company is one another Negan”, Brandon says relatively insights him.

They remain its trip and acquire a great Whisperer border. Prior to they’re able to read the, an effective walker episodes Negan. The guy uses the fresh new cable around its neck in order to rip the lead out of and you can stomps the lead. He sarcastically thank-you Brandon, just who suggests he had been making him some other Lucille and he got plus sneaked his leather-jacket on neighborhood. Negan smiles however, asks him to put it all into the fresh wallet as the he doesn’t want to get approved.

While looking for security, Brandon asks Negan to help you rate girls walkers on the hotness when suddenly it pay attention to shouts from inside a coach. Negan works inside and you may stabs numerous walkers to store a lady along with her child. Brandon appear and matches Negan for the their raw walker killings, researching him to their dated thinking. Later on, Amelia offers the woman story having Negan and you can Brandon. She up coming takes their child Milo to have a stroll because Brandon means they rob her or him. Negan concludes him and you can commands your to go back so you can Alexandria. Brandon claims the guy can not come back, therefore Negan says to your to go wherever the newest hell he wants, so long as the guy cannot discover their weird face once more. “You’re identical to all others,” Brandon states before you leave.

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